Motor Vehicle FAQs
The following information is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding motor vehicle registration. The information is not intended to be complete or specific to all individual circumstances. For further information please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at (603) 746-3180.
Registration Process Summary
1.      Residents must pay fees to the Town of Hopkinton (one’s place of residence or where the vehicle is housed). Always begin the process at the Town Clerk’s Office at 846 Main Street, Contoocook, NH.
2.      Fees are paid to the State of New Hampshire – DMV. The Hopkinton Town Clerk is an online agent for the State DMV; therefore, registrations may be completed in entirety in our office, OR residents may complete the State portion at the State Office located on Hazen Drive (off Loudon Rd) in Concord or any substation.

How do I renew my registration?

What if I want to complete the process at the State?

When do I renew my registration?

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What if I am a new resident?

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What is the State fee?

What is the Town Fee?

When will my registration expire?

Can I transfer my spouse's car to my name?

I am buying a car out of state. How do I register a car I don't have possession of yet?

I am moving to another NH city/town. Is my registration valid?

What forms of payment do you accept?