Sean Powers Wood Bank

The Sean Powers Wood Bank is located at the Hopkinton/Webster Transfer Station and is a available to help those who need wood to keep warm.

  • Please step out to check on your friends and neighbors.
  • Do they have adequate heating fuel (oil, gas, wood) to make it through the winter?
  • Have they call Hopkinton Human Services (746-5729) to register for Federal fuel assistance and/or been put on the “need assistance-fuel/wood” list?
  • Please help your neighbors.
  • Do they need assistance with splitting, stacking, transporting or shoveling a path to a woodpile?
  • Can you or your friends help that neighbor?
  • Sean Powers Wood Bank – Located at the Hopkinton/Webster Transfer Station open Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 8am-5pm, Friday 1pm-5pm
  • To donate burnable hardwood in 16” lengths (wood that you can burn in your home), bring the wood to the Transfer Station and check-in at the office.
  • If you need to access firewood, call Hopkinton Human Services at (603) 746-5729 to request information about a wood voucher.
For Additional References and Resources check go to 211NH

The Sean Powers Wood Bank is largely sponsored by the Contoocook Carry Community Fund, Wood for Warmth program.  For more information on this organization, check out their website at