Rules and Regulations

Mission Statement:
The Slusser Center provides a community space for the Town of Hopkinton and its residents of all ages.  It is a gathering place where the senior community of Hopkinton can meet together to pursue mutual interests, receive health and educational services and participate in social and recreational activities that enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their continued involvement in and with the community.  The Center strives to create a space that feels welcoming, comfortable, safe and accessible for people of all ages. 

Slusser Center
Physical address: 41 Houston Drive, Contoocook NH, 03229
Mailing address: 330 Main Street, Hopkinton NH, 03229
Phone number – 603-746-8265
Center Director: Paula Simpkins 

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm. The building may be opened on weekends or during off hours based upon programming schedules.  All requests must be approved by the Recreation Director.

The Slusser Center is a public building owned by the Town of Hopkinton and managed for the Town by its Recreation Director.  The building is subject to all appropriate local, state and federal rules, regulations and ordinances.  

The Slusser Center is available to rent on weekends, holidays, after normal business hours, and other times that do not conflict with scheduled events or programs nor cause disruption to programs in progress.  Rentals are scheduled at the discretion of the Recreation Director.  Please refer to the rental application for further information. 

As a Town building, the Slusser Center is open to the public, with an emphasis on adult programming and activities during operating hours.  Non-residents are welcome to participate in all activities as long as space allows, but preference will be given to individuals that are Hopkinton residents. 

All senior activity participants of the center will be asked to fill out a membership/registration form.  The forms will be kept confidential and kept on file at the center.  The purpose of the form is to have vital information in case of an emergency.  Senior activity membership is FREE to both residents and non-residents.  There may be a cost associated with some programs and services.  

General Rules:
The Rec Department has priority use of the building over all others for its programming and events.  All programs, services, classes, meals, etc. will fall under the auspices of the Recreation Department.  Any fee for such activity shall be collected by the Recreation Department and used to support the same or similar activities in the future.  The Town has in place agreements with both the Hopkinton Food Pantry and Dial-a-Ride for use of portions of the building.

All New Hampshire nonprofit organizations with a business address in the Town of Hopkinton shall be exempt from paying a rental fee, and shall be able to solicit funds at their own event.

Any organization or individual that conducts a Recreation Department sponsored activity with  a fee may be reimbursed for supplies bought as long as the expenditure is pre-approved by the Recreation Director and receipts are submitted in a timely manner  This reimbursement includes meals such as senior lunch. 

The Slusser Center does accept material donations that can be used for the Center facility or programming needs.  Monetary gifts are also accepted with check made out to “Town of Hopkinton.” with “Slusser Center” in the memo line.  Funds will be used to support the needs of the center. 

Smoking is not allowed in any part of the building or on the outdoor deck.  You may smoke outside the building provided you are at least 15 feet from the building. 

See the Town’s Alcohol Ordinance for rules regarding alcohol use on Town property.

The use of open flames is not permitted inside the Center.  Exceptions are small flame-producing items such as candles on a cake, sterno devices to keep food warm and small votive candles placed in a secure container.  These votive candles must be approved in advance by the Recreation Director.  Prohibited items include torches, incense, charcoal grills, candle centerpieces and fragrance candles. 

Decorations must be approved by the Recreation Director and no decorations may be affixed to the walls.      

No animals are allowed inside the building except for service animals or for programming needs approved by the Recreation Director.

Equipment assigned to the building shall remain on the premises unless arrangements have been made with the Recreation Director. 

The building is equipped with wireless Internet for all patrons.  If a computer is available for the public, patrons may use it with courtesy given to others who may be waiting.  No computer shall be used for downloading of inappropriate material and no programs shall be installed on any computer.  

Abusive language and disruptive behavior affecting patrons of the Center or staff shall be reason to exclude an individual or group from the building following appropriate and specific warnings. 

No activity group shall have continual dominance of center facilities or equipment.  No person or group shall exclude an individual from being part of any activity.  Any such behavior shall be addressed by the Recreation Director.

If any patron or volunteer has a problem with facility operations, programming or with any other person they shall address this issue with the Recreation Director.

All users of the Slusser Center shall be expected to share in the responsibility for its proper use, cleanliness and care.  Treat this building as if it were your home.    

Terms of the usage agreement may be reviewed when necessary by the Senior Rec Council and ultimately the Selectmen.

Volunteers are an integral part of the Slusser Center community.  The daily activities and many of the senior programs, classes and meals are run by volunteers. 

All volunteers associated with the Slusser Center must strive to:
-         Provide a welcoming, friendly atmosphere for all who visit
-         Give each person individual attention and assistance as they require
-         Maintain a safe and clean environment
-         Be aware of your surroundings and maintain a professional attitude
-         Arrive on time

All volunteers must fill out a volunteer application form available at the center or mailed upon request.

All volunteers must meet with the Recreation Director prior to starting. 

All volunteers must go through building and procedure training before they begin their duties.  A procedure manual is available. 

The center phone is for professional use only; public use is strongly discouraged. 

If you have any questions, comments or problems please see the Recreation Director.