Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Committee
Chris Hodgdon, Chair
Town Hall
330 Main Street
Hopkinton, NH 03229
Meets from August through October. Meetings are posted on the town website and at the Town Hall.

Term Expires
Chris Hodgdon, Chair
Donald Houston
Amy Carrier O'Brien
Ed Kerr
James Fredyma
2022 (for the Planning Board)
Neal Cass
Town Administrator

The capital improvements program, known by the acronym CIP, is a valuable part of the community planning process.  The capital improvement program links local infrastructure investments with master plan goals, land use ordinances, and economic development.  A capital improvements program bridges the gap between planning and spending, between visions of the master plan and the fiscal realities of improving and expanding community facilities.

Among the many incentives of a capital improvements programming effort are the following benefits to the community:
  • Preserving public health, safety, and welfare
  • Anticipating the demands of growth
  • Improving communication and coordination
  • Avoiding undue tax increases
  • Developing a fair distribution of capital costs
  • Building a foundation for growth management and impact fees
  • Identifying "scattered" and "premature" development
  • Supporting economic development
Here are the steps that the Committee will follow:
        1.  Organize for the CIP process
        2.  Define capital projects
        3.  Perform a fiscal analysis
        4.  Review the master plan
        5.  Communicate with departments
        6.  Review proposed capital projects
        7.  Prepare a 6-year project schedule
        8.  Adopt and implement the CIP
        9.  Update the CIP