Town of Hopkinton Ordinances


     Street Naming and Numbering Ordinance
     Parking Ordinance
     Transient Sales Persons Ordinance 

     Use of Town Recreational Facilities

     Speed Limits
     Heavy Vehicles on Roads
     No Depositing of Snow in Public Street

     No Driving, Leading or Riding Horses on Paved Sidewalk
     Operation of Off Highway Road Vehicle (OHRV) Ordinance

     Floodplain Development Ordinance

  Public Safety
     Alarm Ordinance
     Key Security System
     Alcoholic Beverage - Open Container Ordinance
     Swimming and Jumping From Bridges or Structures
     Hazardous Material Cleanup
     Blasting Ordinance
     Licenseing of Dances, Music Concerts and Entertainment Functions
     Licensing of Amusement Devices and Amusement Centers

  Solid Waste
     Refuse Disposal Ordinance
     Pay-by-Bag Ordinance
     Sewer Ordinance