Those who signed up to run for elected Town and School District office

Voting Day Tuesday, March 10
Those Who Have Filed for Town Office               2 positions-Select Board Member-3-year term:  Jeffrey S. Donohoe, Sabrina Dunlap 

         1 position-Town Moderator – 2-year term:  Sara Persechino

        1 position-Town Treasurer– 3-year term:  Kevin Davis

        1 position-Supervisor of the Checklist  – 6-year term:  Virginia L. Haines

          2 positions-Budget Committee Member–3-year term: Rich Houston, Steven Reddy Sr.,Gregory Sagris

          2 positions-Library Trustee – 3-year term:  Sarah Chiappetta, Jason LaCombe

          1 position-Cemetery Trustee – 3-year term:  Gayle Kimball

           1 Position-Trustee of Trust Funds – 3-year term:  Steve Lux, Jr.


Those Who Have Filed for Hopkinton School District Office

          2 positions-School Board Member-3-year term:                  Matt Belanger, Andrea Folsom, Dulcie Lipoma, Robert Nadeau


         1 position-School Board – 1-year term:  Seth Aframe

         1 position-School District Moderator– 1-year term:  James Newsom

         1 position-School District Clerk  – 1-year term:  

         1 position-School District Treasurer – 1-year term:  David Mackenzie