Hopkinton Village Precinct Commissioners

The Hopkinton Village Precinct (HVP) continues to maintain and enforce their own ordinances and regulations as the authority to do so was granted to the Precinct by the NH Legislature in 1959. Questions concerning the Hopkinton Village Precinct should be directed to the officials within the Village precinct.

Board Members

Name Title
Candace Youngman (2019-2020) Clerk, HVP Budget Committee Rep
Diana Wieland Commissioner (2017-2020)
Nick Casolaro Commissioner (2019-2022)
Thomas Lipoma Commissioner (2019-2022)
Craig Dunning Moderator (2018-2020)
Andrew Ashton Water Dept. Commissioner, Chair (2016-2019)
Richard Armstrong Water Dept. Commissioner (2016-2019)
Sandy Bender Water Dept. Commissioner (2017-2020)
Suzi Calley Treasurer (2017-2020)