Voting & Elections

Hopkinton Town Clerk's Office Contact Information:
   Office Location: 
 846 Main Street, Contoocook  
    Mailing Address: 
PO Box 446, Hopkinton, NH 03229
    Phone:  (603) 746-8274
    Hours:  Mon-Thurs 8:00-5:00, Fri 8:00-12:00

     Tuesday, November 6, 2018
     Polls Open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
     Hopkinton Middle/High School, 297 Park Avenue, Contoocook

You are eligible to vote absentee if:
     -You will be out of town on Election Day;
     -You are unable to vote in person due to a disability;
     -You cannot appear in public on Election Day because of observance of a religious
            commitment; OR
     -You are unable to appear at any time during polling hours at your polling location on 
            Election Day because of an employment obligation.  (The term "employment" includes
            the care of children and infirm adults, with or without compensation).

STEP 1:  Request an Absentee Ballot
     -Get an Absentee Ballot Application form by;
             a.  Downloading the application here; OR
             b.  Going to the Town Clerk's office, 846 Main Street, Contoocook
     -Return the Absentee Ballot Application to the Clerk's office as soon as possible

STEP 2:  Voting by Absentee Ballot  (once you receive the ballot from the Clerk)
      -Follow all the instructions on your absentee ballot
      -Return your completed absentee ballot as soon as possible
          -Absentee ballot deadlines:
               -By mail:  If you are mailing your completed ballot , it must be received at the Clerk's
                office by 5 p.m. on ELECTION DAY (November 6, 2018).
               -In person:  If you are returning your completed absentee ballot in person, you
                must submit it to the Hopkinton Town Clerk's office by 5 p.m. on the DAY BEFORE 
                Election Day (November 5, 2018)  (NOTE:  Absentee ballots may also be returned in person
                   to the Town Clerk by the voter's parent, spouse, sibling, or child.  Such person returning the
                  absentee ballot shall complete a form and provide proper ID before the Clerk will accept the