Area History

About Hopkinton

Incorporated in 1765, the Town of Hopkinton was once the state capital and a popular stop on the passenger rail line between Boston and Montreal. The town was made up of three distinct entities: Hopkinton, mainly as a residential area; West Hopkinton, primarily the location for the town's agricultural center; and Contoocook Village, the town's business hub. Many still refer to the three separately, but they are one town with three sections that share the same zip code and school system.

Hopkinton and its business district of Contoocook Village offer small town ambiance through a blend of well preserved history and natural beauty. In addition to working farms and the oldest covered railroad bridge in the United States, both villages host a variety of eclectic shops and services.

Rowell Covered Bridge

The covered bridge featured on our home page is the Rowell Bridge #9 located north of Route 127 on Clement Hill Road over the Contoocook River in West Hopkinton. The bridge was built in 1853 by Horace Childs of Henniker with the help of his brothers. The original cost was $300.25. The Burr type construction is unusual in that solid timber arches are fitted end to end and bolted to the side timbers to form the basic design.

black and white photo of buildings

black and white photo of town hall building