2019 Tax Rate Set

$29.12 per thousand
Tax Rate Graphic

2019 Tax Rate Set

The NH Department of Revenue Administration has set the tax rate for 2019.  Tax bills will be sent out within the next week.  The rate is $29.12 per thousand of assessed value.  This rate is based on the new assessments.  The rate breaks down as follows:

                Town                     $ 6.25    down $1.11 – 15.08%

                School                   $20.40   down $3.92 – 16.12%

                County                 $ 2.47    down $0.59 – 19.28%

                Total Rate           $29.12   down $5.62 – 16.18%

                Contoocook Village Precinct        $1.64     down $0.46 – 21.90%

                Hopkinton Village Precinct           $0.34     down $0.10 – 22.22%

The total assessed value of the town is $777,100,755, and increase of $155,341,533 – 24.98%

The town portion raises $4,852,560 to defray municipal expenses.  This number is $92,666 higher than expected when the estimate was presented to Town Meeting due to this amount having to be used as part of the Overlay which is to cover potential abatements.  In most towns in the state there is litigation pending concerning the assessment of utilities.  This added amount is to assure the town can adequately cover any payments that may have to be made.

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