Human Services

Welcome to the Hopkinton Human Services Department

No person should be without food, shelter, heat, or medical attention in our community. Please do not hesitate to call if you or someone you know is in need of any of these basic necessities.

The mission of the Hopkinton Human Services Department is to enable individuals and families who find themselves in difficult situation to return to functioning as vital members of society without relinquishing their dignity.  Assistance is rendered in a professional manner at the lowest cost to the town taxpayers.

Financial assistance is rendered in accordance with the guidelines adopted by the Select Board and governed by State law.  Assistance may vary from one time food, fuel delivery, or prescription assistance, to many months of shelter costs or on-going medical costs, depending on the need presented and the eligibility of the applicant. Clients sign an agreement to reimburse the Town when they become financially able.

Additional programs under the auspices of the Human Services Department:

  • The Hopkinton Food Pantry located at the Slusser Center (41 Houston Drive, Contoocook), supported completely by donations, assists local households weekly and provides a special holiday allotment. Money donations to the Food Pantry can be mailed to:  Hopkinton Food Pantry, Human Services Department, 330 Main Street, Hopkinton, NH 03229
  • Human Services Energy Fund, completely supported by donations from individuals and organizations is administered by the Human Services Department and provides fuel assistance to those needing it. Money donations for the Human Services Energy Fund can be mailed to:  Town of Hopkinton Energy Fund, Human Services Department, 330 Main Street, Hopkinton, NH 03229
  • The Back to School Program, funded entirely by donations, provides clothes and school supplies to students in need.  To donate, contact the Human Service Department at (603) 746-8244.
  • Operation Christmas, also supported entirely by donations of time, money, gifts and energy, provides holiday gifts and treats to many in our community.  To donate, contact the Human Service Department at (603) 746-8244.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance, or if you would like to donate.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Marilyn Ceriello-Bresaw Human Services Coordinator (603) 746-8244