The Planning Process

Where to Start:

To develop a business in Hopkinton, we encourage you to contact the Planning Director, Karen Robertson and/or the Economic Development Director, Anna Wells, at (603) 746-3170. They can assist in determining which permits and approvals you will need and can direct you the the person(s) you need to contact. You can also obtain information on specific properties from the Assessing Department at (603) 746-3170.

Existing Buildings:

If you are moving into an existing building, you need to contact the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer at (603) 783-1509 and Fire Chief at (603) 746-3181 or by email to arrange inspections. You may need site plan review and/or other permits if there will be a change or expansion of use from the previous use of the building. Contact the Planning Director for assistance. You can also contact the Police Chief at (603) 746-5151 or by email to discuss security issues.

New Buildings or Additions:

If you are constructing a new building or an addition, Site Plan Review is required, along with other land use permits, such as a Building Permit. Contact the Planning Director for requirements and further information. If your property has frontage along a NH State highway, you will need a Driveway Permit from the NH Department of Transportation (NH DOT). Contact the NH DOT Maintenance District 5 Office at (603) 666-3336. NH DOT Website.

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